Drawing on decades of experience in education and industry, the team at StarWorks Interactive, Inc., is uniquely qualified to offer exciting ways for organizations and schools to reach and teach trainees and students using their own Virtual Campus...

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Welcome to the StarWorks Interactive web site.

StarWorks Interactive enables your organization or school to extend its reach to learners beyond your institution's physical boundaries. We provide all the necessary instructional tools to take your learning online using the most reliable distance learning techniques. We offer the StarWorks Interactive Virtual Campus™, Module Conversion, and Training. What's more, you don't need to upset your overburdened information technology (IT) department with another task. And, if your organization or school doesn't have an IT department, we can still get your learning online because we provide a fully hosted solution!

StarWorks Interactive is not a sales force. We are educators, trainers, instructional designers, and technical experts committed to helping your organization or school maximize its online learning investment. We help you formulate a strategy that addresses short- and long-term goals. The full extent of our background is integrated into the planning and implementation of your Virtual Campus as we listen thoughtfully to your needs and expectations.

Ask about our "operational in 30-days or less" guarantee!

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Did you know that by cutting back on the travel of teachers, trainers, students, and trainees, you are contributing to the overall reduction of carbon emissions? This is an added bonus to your decision to journey into the wonderful world of online learning.
Contact us at 888-TRY-SWii and let's begin the journey together, today!

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